USD Total value of all Bitcoins

The market capitalization of the Bitcoin network is the greatest in the world of cryptocurrencies. It takes 90% of the market, and continues growing.


BTC mined as of today

Emission in the Bitcoin network is limited to 21 millions coins. At the moment, more than 70% of the coins have been produced already.


Current difficulty of Bitcoin network

The computational difficulty in the Bitcoin network is changed every 14 days. The higher the network complexity is, the more reliable the block chain’s protection is.


The current value rate

Bitcoin is one of the most profitable investment tools, during the year 2016 the Bitcoin price grew by 240% as against the US Dollar, and its price has already come up with the gold price.


The current value rate

1BTC = 2275USD

EnsoClub is an official reseller of ViaBTC, a well-known Chinese pool producing a considerable proportion of Bitcoins. ViaBTC has the newest equipment for mining, Bitmaintech Antminer S9 with capacity of 14 Th/s. At the moment they are the most powerful and energy-efficient miners in the world, but despite that, the company warns of possible risks that can decrease the profitableness of their equipment as the complexity of Bitcoin production grows constantly. We suggest you weigh up your risks of investing in Bitcoin mining.

Today you have a unique opportunity to really become a miner and to get profit together with other partners of EnsoClub. The number of EnsoClub members may be limited in the future because of our production facilities, which we rent out.

EnsoClub is an association of professionals, programmers, analysts, and investors, who have a vast and successful experience of working with cryptocurrencies. In the course of our work we use only high-tech solutions and advanced algorithms for cryptocurrency mining, first of all, Bitcoin mining.

Our mission is to popularize cryptocurrencies, to increase the number of users and the number of transactions between them, and also to help everyone earn money on Bitcoin and on other liquid cryptocurrencies, which become one of the biggest financial flows in the world today. The technical group and the financial experts of EnsoClub have created a most unique business system that allows everyone to get their everyday passive income.

Advanced Equipment

We use the most up-to- date equipment Bitmaintech Antminer S9 with capacity of 14Th/s for mining. At the moment, they are the most powerful and energy-efficient miners in the world. The equipment is undated regularly, there is the bets software.

Bitcoin Mining

We deal with production of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that was created in 2008. Distribution of Bitcoin gains popularity at lightning speed all over the world, and brings high income to the miners.

Collective participation

It is collective participation in a multimillion business. Systematic distribution of profit from cryptocurrency mining and investing of a part of the income back into the production process results in higher efficiency compared to individual investors.

Passive income

The innovative solutions on optimum distribution of the invested funds allow the club members to get the maximum passive income. Investing in Bitcoin is the most reliable protection against inflation now.


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